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Delivery Policy


We usually ship orders within 24 hours; the maximum period is 48 hours after the order gets the status Approved. Parcels are shipped out only on business days, so all orders approved on weekends and during holidays are shipped on the first working day. Unfortunately there are high seasons for the postal service during major holidays (especially Christmas and New Year) during which we cannot guarantee fast and timely delivery. We also cannot assume responsibility for delays caused by to severe meteorological conditions, strikes of personnel, long customs control and other unexpected reasons.

We ship orders to the address marked by the customer as the shipping address. If your billing and addresses differ, unmark 'use my billing address as shipping address' on the checkout page and enter the new address.

All orders come in plain ziffy envelopes, large orders are shipped in boxes. The contents of the parcels are not stated on the package.

We are constantly improving our shipping service. We are always adding new delivery methods that help you receive your goods faster and cheaper. Since our products are shipped from different countries there are many different shipping methods. You can get additional information about shipping of particular products from our Customer Support Service.

Orders above $200 are eligible for free Airmail delivery, above $300 - courier delivery. Please note, that courier option is a subject of availability and depends on the product and delivery destination.

Shipment of goods can be provided by third party.


If you didn't receive your order you have the right to ask for a refund or free reshipment.

Free reshipments are guaranteed if you didn't receive your order within the delivery period (and if the order didn't reach your local post office). And you also have the right to get a free reshipment if somehow we send you a wrong product (a different one from the product you actually ordered) and the product came in poor condition so it cannot be used.

However you won't get a free reshipment if you didn't meet the courier or pick up the order at your local post office and/or spoiled the product yourself (didn't provide required storage conditions).

ReorderShipment of goods can be provided by third party.


We understand that sometimes our customers have more urgent purchases and have to cancel their order; however we cannot cancel your order when it was approved and/or forwarded for shipping. If you decided to cancel your order, please, let us know as soon as possible.